Saturday, March 20, 2010

How to get your own Ron Paul Commercial on national TV for $100

posted by Greg Chamberlain

Slate's Seth Stevenson exposes a Google service that is still almost underground. It allows for users to buy national television commercials for as little as $100.

I am assuming that armed with this information, Ron Paul supporters will be producing their own advertisements and running them on national TV.

In the Ron Paul 2008 Campaign, the best Ron Paul commercials were made by supporters and posted to YouTube. In fact, as I was watching the official campaign ads (used on TV) vs. the supporter made commercial ideas (that never made it to TV), the supporter made ads were the best. By FAR!

I kept calling the powers that be to consider running certain supporter made youtube videos as campaign commercials. It never happened, to my knowledge. Maybe next time. It would sure save the campaign money so more ads could be bought.

This time, I suppose certain supporters will be logging into to promote their favorite candidate.