Thursday, September 1, 2011

Flashback 2005: Ron Paul and George Carlin Predict Future

George Carlin spoke like a like prophet in 2005 when he made the recorded the clip below. He, like Ron Paul, basically saw it all coming too. Google Ron Paul's September 2005 House speech he made on the floor of Congress titled The Coming Category 5 Financial Hurricane.

That clip was from Carlin's Life Is Worth Losing, his 18th album recorded live 2005, which was also broadcast on HBO.

George Carlin's bit made me realize that it might be best to be one of the owners of this country. What that means for me is not being asleep at the wheel, while lobbyists spend millions for a lobbying campaign in Washington and walk with billions of our tax dollars in favors. Supporting the anti-crony capitalists who run for office and going up against the corporatists in Washington.

There is nothing wrong with corporations and big business, except when they engage in fraud, which the government should prosecute, or when they are lobbying for favors. Lobbyists for big or narrow interests can go spend millions peddling for influence around Washington and walk away with billions of dollars in favortism or crony capitalism facilitated by corrupted politicians on the back end of every bill passed.

People are asleep at the wheel, not paying attention and not diferentiating politicians who are in support of crony capitalism and those who are not. This IS the big problem. If the litmus test for voters was the "Crony Capitalist test - Yes or No", and not who looked like the best spokesmodel on TV, we would begin to elect decent people to office.

The media heads are working for the present owners of this country and it's isn't you and me. It's the David Rockefeller/Bilderberg Group types in the world who are the owners. Their agenda has nothing to do with the interests of the United States, yet they control the agenda of our elected officials.

There is a real revolution going on in this country. It is a intellectual revolution and it's a powerful, yet peaceful revolution. But there is still much distortion. People across all party lines are angry and they do not want to take it any more. But you have all these regular citizens fighting against each other, looking for scapegoats. The owners like this class warfare that is going on. It's taking the heat off of them.

What we, the people, need to do is work to put an end to crony capitalism. And, we need to end to the inflationary tactics of The Federal Reserve. For many of the crony capitalists, their fuel is inflation. End The Fed and those days of inflation will come to an end. We need a sound currency.

Our only hope so far in this President 2012 cycle, that is not hype and is based on a solid voting record, is Ron Paul.

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