Changes to The President™ and ThePresident.Com

Thank you to all who have subscribed and supported this site from 1998 until present.

ThePresident.Com website will be going through a remodel and expansive enhancement for a yet to be determined period of time while developers design a new platform.

The expanded focus will leave behind a narrow U.S. centered focus, pulling back and opening up the lens toward a focus on the global stage. We seek to serve unwashed up to the minute geopolitical reportage on all countries of the world, their heads of state and leaders across all sectors.

We, as citizens of the world, must all do what we can to lose the fear, establish two way friendships, partnerships and relationships with people around the world who are different from us. The more we share, the more we understand and the more we respect each other, even when it seems strange compared to our own ways.

As a future international news organization, we seek to remove barriers to peace, freedom and prosperity through making sure we offer more broad viewpoints from a wider range of most credible sources which ultimately lead to more facts and perspectives being reported. That means less distortion and greater understanding between people of the world. This is the new mission of The President™. Please join us with your subscription.