History of The President

Brief History of The President at ThePresident.Com

The President was founded on November 17, 1998, when Gregory J. Chamberlain, purchased ThePresident.Com. From that time forward through to until 2014, Chamberlain used the platform to focused upon critical review of U.S. government policy.

If The President had a slant, it leaned toward the ideas that the U.S. should adhere to values such as sound money vs. fiat currency, non-interventionsim in the internal affairs of other nations, the importance and value of liberty and criticism of central economic planners & The Federal Reserve.

The site stood up to allow contrarian and often unpopular viewpoints to be heard, even when some called it blasphemous or treasonous by opponents.

The site was prolific at pointing out the various crony-capitalist enablers, Washington lobbyists, insiders and misguided members of Congress who are all still cheerleading for special interests in the corporate welfare/warfare state.

For the majority of it's time online, ThePresident.Com had featured thought provoking writings. Post 9/11, the site vigorously challenged the flawed intelligence of the U.S. led march to war against Iraq and the rush to transform our nation into a police state prone to be a torturer.

This sort of grass roots citizen journalism was one of the things that helped Chamberlain secure a position overseeing and moderating the official MySpace page for Ron Paul's 2008 presidential campaign starting on October 20, 2007. Ron Paul's network was the most active online social network of that campaign season. Chamberlain put in 18+ hours per day overseeing that network for months beyond the end of the campaign.

The vantage point and connection to Paul's online supporters allowed Chamberlain to closely witness and participate in the rise of the Tea Party movement that Ron Paul was and is known as the Godfather of, when it was spawned in the 2007-2008 election cycle.

In the 2010 midterm election cycle, Chamberlain dropped out of the Tea Party movement when it became apparent that the movement had been hijacked and the core issues that once mattered were abandoned. The movement because a springboard for toxic and divisive candidates who glommed on to the Tea Party name, with numerous Tea Party groups springing up, far from resembling the values of the original Tea Party movement. At that time, Chamberlain returned to writing exclusively for ThePresident.Com.

In 2014, ThePresident.Com blog and blog archives were removed by Chamberlain with a renewed focus to get away from narrow mindedness of domestic U.S. politics and U.S. foreign policy and it's effects upon the U.S. and the world.

Chamberlain recently unregistered himself from being a U.S. voter associated with any party. He plans to re-register in the future as an independent.

At this time, The President is going through a reorganization to cover the global stage as a portal of geopolitical news and information on all countries of the world, their heads of state.

As a future international news organization, we seek to remove barriers to peace, freedom and prosperity through making sure we offer more broad viewpoints from the most wide range of credible sources which ultimately lead to more facts and perspectives being reported. That will mean less distortion and greater understanding between people of the world. This is the new mission of The President™. Please join us with your subscription.