Tuesday, April 22, 2014

New Changes at ThePresident.Com and for The President™ brand and company.

Changes are now underway with The President™ brand.

Thank you to all who have supported this site from 1998 until present. Please take note of the changes and share your thoughts through the form to on the right side of this page.

Since 1998, The President at ThePresident.Com was a ongoing website that eventually became a blog format for several years focused upon critical domestic U.S. government review and criticism that leaned toward certain values such as sound money, non-interventionsim in the internal affairs of other nations, the value of liberty, an end to crony capitalism, an end to central economic planning and a march toward restoring The Republic. The sole editor of the website was Gregory J. Chamberlain.

For those many years, the site featured thought provoking writings and libertarian views that promoted the ideas of elected leaders such as former Congressman Ron Paul, promoting Hayek vs. Keynes and featuring promoting peace, talk, travel and trade over war and isolationism.

The Future of The President™
At this time, The President is now beginning to go through a total revamp of the overall brand, strategy and company.

The previous website and archive was removed on April 22, 2014 and is to soon begin to be replaced with a portal on news and information on all of the heads of state in the world, with backgrounds, news and up to the minute information on developments in those respective countries.

There will be in depth information, profiles and news on leaders across all sectors of government, business, education and other institutions and groups that will help all people become better citizens of the world through greater understanding, tolerance and respect of others through knowledge.

The President, as a brand and company, is out to vitalize the brand by cutting through the media clutter, with a fresh approach to reporting on media for international television, radio and print outlets.

We are looking for motivated writers, researchers, travelers, video producers, editors, web developers and others. Please introduce yourself, through the form on the right and share your qualifications.